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European Heritage Days 2017

Preserving cultural heritage in the city of Basel

The city of Basel is set to celebrate the 2017 European Heritage Days on 9 September. This is the 24th edition of the event.

Historic buildings in the Old Town, residential buildings in various styles, former industrial areas and current industrial developments, historic monuments, old and new, consistent and ever-changing, sedate and fast-paced: this year’s edition of the Heritage Days event will showcase all that defines the city’s exciting, dynamic diversity. The focus will be on the St. Johann district, from the Totentanz square to the Lysbüchel development.

The broad range of events includes a number of tours on the area’s cultural and building history and on the issues surrounding the district’s development, which has had to juggle gentrification, transition and squeezing out the locals.

The European Heritage Days are held in 50 European cities every September.

Date & Time

Sat. 09. September 2017


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St. Johann, Basel